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 (fä′mə-go͞o′stə, făm′ə-)
A city of eastern Cyprus on the Bay of Famagusta, an inlet of the Mediterranean Sea. Famagusta was a refugee center for Christians after Acre fell to the Saracens (1291).


(Placename) a port in E Cyprus, on Famagusta Bay: became one of the richest cities in Christendom in the 14th century. Pop: 35 453 (2006)


(ˌfɑ məˈgu stə)

a seaport on the E coast of Cyprus, on an inlet of the Mediterranean. 42,500.
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The stations under investigation are: Total Plus on Amochostos Avenue in Nicosia; Lukoil on Tseriou Avenue in Nicosia; Lukoil on Artemidos Avenue in Larnaca and Total Plus in Tremithousa Paphos.
It also announced that it was closing down indefinitely the eastern section of the main stand at the club's Amochostos Stadium, where the organised fans usually gather, and that it is forming a stewarding team to patrol the stadium during matches.
Included amongst the places scheduled to be visited are: Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca, Lefkara, Omodhos, Lapithos, Kyrenia and Amochostos.