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n. pl.1.(Zool.) An order of Rhizopoda, in which the pseudopodia are thick and irregular in form, as in the Amœba.
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The original cells increased the number of compartments (organelles), except the nucleus, during the evolution of eukaryotes into Amoebozoa, Bikonta and Opisthokonta.
It belongs to Eukaryota domain, Protozoa kingdom, Amoebozoa phylum, Archamoebae class, and Entamoeba genus.
BTS Fu C PROTOZOA AMOEBOZOA MYXOGASTREA Trichiida Trichiaceae Hemitrichia serpula BTS L (Scop.
In the May 22 Science, for example, the Tara Oceans consortium, which surveyed plankton worldwide, classified diversity using the new divisions: SAR, Amoebozoa, Archaeplastida, Excavata and Opisthokonta (to which humans belong).
Accordingly, a wide variety of chemical compounds, either constitutively produced or wound-activated have been identified in fungi (14), and many of these secondary metabolites are believed to have evolved to protect saprophytic fungi from being used as a food source by amoebozoa, nematodes and other invertebrates (16).
In turn, these superclades are thought to comprise six major supergroups or kingdoms of eukaryotic life: Excavata, Rhizaria, Chromalveolata, Plantae, Amoebozoa, and Opisthokonta, wherein the latter contains Fungi and Animalia (Cavalier-Smith, 2002; Stechmann and Cavalier-Smith, 2002).
Asterisked (*) taxa are new records for Estonia Taxon Vortsjarv Saadjarv Phylum Amoebozoa Class Lobosea Order Arcellinida Arcella sp.
Fitopat, Amoebozoa, Fistulina, Gymnopus, Phellinus, Creolophus, Reticularia, S).
Amoebozoa One of the most familiar genera of microbes, Amoeba, belong here.
2 and 5 Other Metazoa Phyla Other Eukaryote Phyla Chaetognatha Ciliophora Ctenophora Other Alvelata Entoprocta Amoebozoa Hemichordata Cryptophyta Loricifera Loukozoa Gnathifera Glaucophyta Onochophora Choanozoa Porifera Picozoa Rotifera Foraminifera Xenoturbeiidea Rhodophyta Acanthocephala Myzozoa Chordata Apusozoa Cycliophora Heliozoa Gnathostomulida Percolozoa Kinohycha Euglenozoa Mesozoa Haptophyta Nematomorpha Metamunada Placozoa Cercozoa Priapulida Radiozoa Sipuncula Uncultured unicellular Uncultured Metazoa Eukaryote