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n. Abbr. A.h. or amp hr
The electric charge transferred past a specified circuit point by a current of one ampere in one hour.


(Units) a practical unit of quantity of electricity; the quantity that flows in one hour through a conductor carrying a current of 1 ampere. 1 ampere-hour is equivalent to 3600 coulombs. Abbreviation: a.h.


a unit of electric charge equal to the amount of electricity transferred by a current of one ampere in one hour. Abbr.: Ah, amp-hr, amp. hr.
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Noun1.ampere-hour - a unit of charge equal to 3600 coulombsampere-hour - a unit of charge equal to 3600 coulombs
charge unit, quantity unit - a measure of the quantity of electricity (determined by the amount of an electric current and the time for which it flows)
ampere-minute - a unit of charge equal to 60 coulombs
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A string light system that is powered by a 140 amp-hour rechargeable battery bank mounted within a wheelbarrow-style cart.
NEC Energy Solutions, an energy storage solution provider, has launched its new generation ALM 12V7s product line of 12-Volt, 5 Amp-hour batteries.
The larger the amp-hour number, the longer the run time between charges.
0 amp-hour Fat Pack battery) at a length of 12-5/8 inches, the tool delivers on its promise of high efficiency in a compact size.
Our gold standard has been the FAA capacity test as the core of that test methodology since it takes each battery's amp-hour rating into consideration during the test, so we are testing apples-to-apples, so to speak.
German manufacturer Kalkhoff offers 'ebikes' fitted with 6, 12 or 18 amp-hour batteries.
For example, in the sidebar on page 6, he states: "15 amp-hour normal load for five minutes: 45 amp/minutes.
The larger the battery's amp-hour rating and reserve capacity, the larger the fuel tank will be.