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Industrial lead batteries are rated three ways: for voltage, or the units of force or pressure of an electric current; for ampere hour capacity, or the amount of electric current units that can be discharged over the course of a shift; and for kilowatt hour capacity, or the total power that can be drawn from a battery over the course of a shift.
Tenders are invited for Complete Re-conditioning of old Lead Acid Battery Cells of capacity 2 Volt 100 Ampere hour at various 33/11 KV Sub stations under MSEDCL Division-I Jalna.
Tenders are invited for 12 Volts , 7 Ampere Hour Ah Sealed Maintenance Free Value Regulated Lead Acid Battery Suitable For Ups Back Up Acceptable Makes : Exide , Panasonic , Amararaja , Amco, Micro Tex.