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Noun1.Amphipoda - small flat-bodied semiterrestrial crustaceans: whale liceAmphipoda - small flat-bodied semiterrestrial crustaceans: whale lice; sand-hoppers; skeleton shrimp
animal order - the order of animals
Malacostraca, subclass Malacostraca - largest subclass of Crustacea including most of the well-known marine, freshwater, and terrestrial crustaceans: crabs; lobsters; shrimps; sow bugs; beach flies
amphipod - a kind of malacostracan crustacean
Caprella, genus Caprella - skeleton shrimp
Cyamus, genus Cyamus - whale lice
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They like to eat tiny shrimp-like crustaceans like mysids and amphipods.
Gray whales are often seen feeding on the sea floor, eating amphipods and other small crustaceans.
Moderate to high resource overlap occurred for small winter and summer flounder (<40 mm TL) and was attributed to their mutual reliance on copepods and amphipods.
At the end of the experiment, the sex of each individual was determined using the size and shape of its first and second pairs of gnathopods, which are sexually dimorphic in amphipods (Hume et al.
Low abundances were observed during the El Nino period, coinciding with studies on specific taxonomic groups including copepods, euphausiids and amphipods (Ambriz-Arreola et al.
In many spring-fed streams of the midwestern United States, Gammarus amphipods are among the most important and numerically dominant shredder species (Heard et al.
Increased abundance of infaunal groups also has been observed in clam culture sites relative to uncultivated control sites (gammarid amphipods and nemertean worms: Thompson 1995; deposit-feeding polychaetes: Spencer et al.
Key words: adults, amphipods, British Columbia, euphausiids, former breeding, Haida Gwaii, juveniles, Ptychoramphus aleuticus, zooplanktonic prey
Called amphipods and incredibly tiny, they are like mini-piranha because they have teeth sharp enough to tear through the carcasses of dead whales and sharks which sink to the ocean bed.
Orange-shelled creatures called amphipods also drifted by.
These tiny white crustaceans, now called Model Cave amphipods or White Pine amphipods, live in cool, clear groundwater and have, to date, only been found in two pools in this single cave.