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n. Greek Mythology
A king of Thebes and the husband of Alcmene.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the grandson of Perseus and husband of Alcmene


(æmˈfɪ tri ən)

(in Greek myth) the husband of the virtuous Alcmene, whom Zeus seduced by assuming the form of Amphitryon, resulting in the birth of Hercules.


[æmˈfɪtrɪən] NAnfitrión
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"Then I saw Alcmena, the wife of Amphitryon, who also bore to Jove indomitable Hercules; and Megara who was daughter to great King Creon, and married the redoubtable son of Amphitryon.
And her Heracles, the son of Zeus, of the house of Amphitryon, together with warlike Iolaus, destroyed with the unpitying sword through the plans of Athene the spoil-driver.
If by chance our Amphitryon changes his mind and receives only Porthos and myself, why, then, we must resort to heroic measures and each give two strokes instead of one.
Juno, again, suffered when the mighty son of Amphitryon wounded her on the right breast with a three-barbed arrow, and nothing could assuage her pain.
I may easily go into a great household where there is much substance, excellent provision for comfort, luxury, and taste, and yet not encounter there any Amphitryon who shall subordinate these appendages.
"Well, then, Signor Aladdin," replied the singular amphitryon, "you heard our repast announced, will you now take the trouble to enter the dining-room, your humble servant going first to show the way?" At these words, moving aside the tapestry, Sinbad preceded his guest.
Asi, el corpus considerado por Areco para su estudio corresponde a La Tabla de Flandes (1990) y El Club de Dumas (1992), de Arturo Perez-Reverte (1951); Noches de Estreno (1994), de Alejandra Rojas (1958); La Hija del Canibal (1997), de Rosa Montero (1951); Los Detectives Salvajes (1998), de Roberto Bolano (1953); En busca de Klingsor (1999) y El Fin de la Locura (2003), de Jorge Volpi (1968); Amphitryon (2000), de Ignacio Padilla (1968); Soldados de Salamina (2001), de Javier Cercas (1962); y Mantra (2002), de Rodrigo Fresan (1963).
C.), Amphitryon, pone en escena al Sosias, en lo que segun Jourde y Tortonese (1996) "puede ser considerada la escena capital de toda la historia del doble: el reencuentro con un ser identico a si mismo" (p.
We encounter it first in Plautus's Amphitryon and then in Moliere's, Dryden's, and Kleist's respective Amphitryons, as well as (in a somewhat different form) in Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors.
No, surely not, but this prodigious variety enlarges the bounds of your choice and, delighted by this increase of possibilities, it surely never occurs to you to scold the Amphitryon who regales you.
Some subjects addressed include Pietro AretinoAEs transformations of classical literature, transformation of Amphitryon in the early modern period, Latin love poetry in Tito Vespasiano StrozziAEs Eroticon, Pietro AretinoAEs rewritings of the Bible, and AriostoAEs rewriting of ancient and contemporary models in Italian verse.
A similar situation is found in Heracles, when the old Amphitryon