aluminum hydroxide

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alu′minum hydrox′ide

a crystalline, water-insoluble powder, Al(OH)3 or Al2O3∙3H2O, obtained chiefly from bauxite: used in the manufacture of glass, ceramics, and printing inks, in dyeing, and as an antacid.
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Noun1.aluminum hydroxide - white crystalline compound that occurs naturally as the mineral gibbsite
gibbsite - white crystalline mineral consisting of aluminum hydroxide; a constituent of bauxite and a source of alumina
hydrated oxide, hydroxide - a compound of an oxide with water
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Regimen Drug Cost/Day ($) (*) Antacids Aluminum dominant Amphojel (ANC = 10 mEq/5 mL) 30 mL PO/NG every hour 8.70 Magnesium aluminum combination Mylanta II (ANC = 25.4 mEq/5 mL) 30 mL PO/NG every hour 9.05 [H.sub.2] Antagonists Cimetidine 37.5 mg/h (900 mg/d) 11.34 50 mg/h (1200 mg/d) 15.12 Famotidine 1.7 mg/h (40 mg/d) 11.88 Ranitidine 6 mg/h (150 mg/d) 11.97 8 mg/h (200 mg/d) 15.96 Sucralfate 1 g PO/NG every 4 hours 3.83 (*) 1991 average wholsale price.
Aluminum compounds (such as Amphojel and Alternagel).