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When CS is mixed with ampholytic gelatin, when the pH of the medium above the isoelectric point of gelatin, which is a negative charge, the electrostatic interaction occurs between the ammonium ions of CS salts and carboxylic groups of gelatin [61].
The interactions of ampholytic terpolymers are studied at differing solution pH and ionic strength.
BASF researchers have pronounced that they have created ampholytic terpolymers for 2-in-l shampoos that have a strong affinity for keratin substrates even in the presence of anionic surfactants, can provide conditioning on their own due to the presence of a hydrophobic monomer, form complexes with anionic, fatty amines and cationic surfactants for stimuli-responsive deposition for hair conditioning, and they form complex coacervates that can act as deposition aids for silicones beneficial agents.