a.1.(Bot.) Clasping a support; as, amplectant tendrils.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Farrs examination of amplectant bonds as equally capable of holding families together as they are of tearing them apart feels as real as fiction gets.
comm.) could not reference specific observations of September breeding activity although he was certain he observed amplectant B.
This has been often linked with the ability of males to eliminate competition because robust hindlimbs allow amplectant males to expel rivals through kicking (Wells 1979).
In July 2008 we obtained 16 frogs from disturbed grassy areas in Colima: five individuals (including an amplectant pair) were collected from a temporary pond beside a road near Highway 98 between Minatitlan and Manzanillo (19[degrees]11'10"N, 104[degrees]11'16"W, elevation 438 m; Site 1), while the other 11 were collected from a pond with a breeding chorus next to a road beside Highway 54 near Ixtlahuacan (19[degrees]01'33" N, 103[degrees]47'36"W, elevation 238 m; Site 2).
Amplectant pairs, egg clutches and gravid females were also recorded as breeding evidence (Bertoluci, 1998).
Tadpoles and amplectant pairs were observed mostly during the peak of rainy season (October to March) only inside of tank--bromeliad A.
However, during [approximately] 40% of all chorusing visits we also entered the pond to look for adults, amplectant pairs, and eggs of breeding frogs and salamanders.
To do this, we collected four amplectant pairs each of S.