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v. t.1.To enlarge.
To maintain and ampliate the external possessions of your empire.
- Udall.
a.1.(Zool.) Having the outer edge prominent; said of the wings of insects.
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13) It is a product of the British common law and derived from the Magna Carta--introduced to ampliate justice by preventing "disorders" in the judicial system.
Lodovico Domenichi & da lui nuovo del settimo libro ampliate.
Cio che va bene messo in luce e il fatto che la Penitenzieria Apostolica ebbe sin dall'inizio facolta assai pio vaste dei pochi casi riservati, e tali facolta vennero sempre pio ampliate da concessioni <<de speciali et expresso>> e da quelle <<vivae vocis oracolo>>.
Pronotum subquadrate with anterior angles rounded, dorsum slightly convex, surface even, median lobe slightly impressed medially, posterior angles slightly acute, lateral margin acute, carinate posteriorly to the middle, ampliate in the middle, obsolete anteriorly; cervical sulcus moderately deep, extending from near coxal cavity to about 0.
Abdomen strongly compressed in males, not so in females, the tip scarcely enlarged as seen from above, upturned only by its inferior curve; margins of the subgenital plate not ampliate at the base, straight, well rounded and entire apically, extending beyond the tip of the supraanal plate by about half the length of the latter.