a.1.Serving to amplify or enlarge; amplificative.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It is not known whether rodents are amplificatory or dead-end hosts.
In our study, releases of NO from both LPC6 and RPC6 after LA RPC6 are greater than those of after LA LPC6, which may result in the possibility that stimulation on right acupoint by acupuncture caused the more forceful amplificatory effect compared to stimulation of left acupoint [23, 25].
Skelton asks Occupacyon the significance of the gate with the letter "A" above it and she replies that this signifies "Anglia." Given the poem's amplificatory mode, it is as if there is real potential here for Skelton simply to start at the gate named Anglia and go on from there to gates B, C, and beyond, as if this were to be a dream vision that, like Chaucer's unfinished Legend of Good Women, will become a frame-tale which will simply go on and on.
For the specimen reinforced with mortar injection it was assumed [f.sub.c] = 1.2 MPa and E = 1000 MPa, because the Italian standard suggests an amplificatory factor of 2 for the mechanical properties of the masonry reinforced with this technique.
It is this broad spectrum of amplificatory materials that my titular adjective "parascriptural" embraces: communities of readers in Near Eastern late antiquity performed, experienced, and transmitted "Bible" as well as other scriptures in a variety of registers and interpretive formats.
letter-writing campaign, an amplificatory chain saying
In this sense, the use of IT may be understood as yet another "organizational pathology" of police intelligence systems (Sheptycki 2004), acting as a "negative amplificatory information feedback loop" (7) to legitimize and reify existing understandings of labeled groups and spaces.
But there are ways to perform its desireabilty--to make it more desired, more strongly tended toward, more amplificatory and exemplary.
Make reference to systems theory and importance of feedback loops (normative and amplificatory) in auto-regulation of climate and global biological systems
Crucial above all are the concepts of the collective unconscious, the archetypes and what is usually translated as 'amplificatory interpretation' or simply 'amplification".

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