Amplitude of vibration

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the maximum displacement of a vibrating particle or body from its position of rest.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A technical source in the project told this correspondent that for each running generator of a hydropower station there was a fixed minimum power load which must be maintained on it in order to keep it safe from heating besides abnormal increase in its amplitude of vibration causing structural damage.
The feeder's natural resonant frequency must be tuned at or near the frequency of the power source in order to achieve the greatest amplitude of vibration for a given power input.
Heat is generated by applying a precise frequency and amplitude of vibration between the surfaces of the thermoplastic layers.
Therefore, in dynamic testing, it is reasonable to assume that the sensitivity does not vary with amplitude of vibration (or dynamic stress).
In the current study, comparing low vibration amplitude (0.2 ms-2 r.m.s) with medium vibration amplitude (0.4 ms-2 r.m.s) showed that the degree of drowsiness measured by PVT indexes was more pronounced when the amplitude of vibration is doubled.
In mechanical harvesting by mechanical vibration, as in the case of coffee, with the right combination of frequency and amplitude of vibration, it is possible to transfer enough vibrational energy to dislodge the fruit (FERREIRA JUNIOR et al., 2016).
Different from the abovementioned Fourier spectrums which is described for amplitude of displacement, Figure 9 shows amplitude of vibration acceleration.
For vibration assisted cutting r should be as low as possible, which can be achieved either with increasing the frequency and amplitude of vibration or with lowering the cutting speed vc.
It can best be done with semioccluded vocal tract techniques because they maintain small amplitude of vibration and therewith limited vocal fold collision.
For example, if 1mm amplitude of vibration occurs at a frequency of 20Hz as a target is moving past the laser sensors, for a time-delay measurement of just 1ms between sensor 1 and sensor 2, a deviation of 125[micro]m is produced!
In this case, the dependence of the damping coefficient on the desired amplitude of vibration should be determined.
According to open literature, amplitude of vibration in engine is directly proportional with engine speed [4].
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