a.1.Flask-shaped; dilated.
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5 [micro]m thick), conspicuously clamped, straight, parallel, not adherent; walls weakly cyanophilous; ampulliform swelling usually as inflated clamp connections, occasionally as abrupt, lateral, subbulbous hyphal protuberances, not unusually thick-walled, unornamented, usually elongate barrel-shaped; echinulate hyphae not observed.
5 [micro]m thick), conpicuously clamped, relatively straight, not agglutinated or adherent, tightly packed, involved in copious crystalline deposits; medullary hyphae smooth, with common ampulliform clamp connections; cortical hyphae often minutely spiculate (spicules less than 0.
5 [micro]m long, extremely sharp, cyanophilous; ampulliform clamps up to 14 [micro]m broad, overshot, thick-walled (wall up to 1 mm thick), without ornamentation.