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The immortal prayer in the Upanishad expresses the quest of a seeker for the true knowledge of the ultimate meaning of life and liberation: Asato ma sadgamaya, tamaso ma jyotirgamaya, mrityor ma amritam gamaya.
Vayur anilam amritam athedam bhasmantam sariram / Aum krato smara krtam smara krato smara krtam smara [May this life enter into immortal breath; then may this body end in ashes.
With a motto - 'Vidya Vindate Amritam' meaning 'Knowledge is Everlasting', the Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, one of the three Delhi based Air Force Schools, situated at Subroto Park, is a unique school, which integrates specially abled children with their peers in as many activities as possible.