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also am·ree·ta  (ŭm-rē′tə)
1. In Hinduism, the drink that is consumed by the gods and bestows immortality.
2. The immortality achieved by drinking amrita.

[Sanskrit amṛtam; see mer- in Indo-European roots.]
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(æmˈriːtə) or


1. (Hinduism) the ambrosia of the gods that bestows immortality
2. (Hinduism) the immortality it confers
[from Sanskrit amrta immortal, from a- without + mrta death]
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Pranay Perumalla strode into the wedding hall in a midnight blue suit, his face lit by a grin as he clasped the hand of his bride, Amrutha Varshini.
A member named Amrutha said, "I was personally molested, teased and touched inappropriately by a lot of people.
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Six others are reportedly being treated for serious injuries in hospital, while the 10-year-old girl, known only as Amrutha, is understood to have died immediately at the scene.
The court's order came as it heard a petition filed by S Amrutha, who claims to be Jayalalithaa's daughter.