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Noun1.Amsler grid - a pattern of small boxes that is used for self-monitoring by patients who have age-related macular degeneration
grid - a pattern of regularly spaced horizontal and vertical lines
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Amsler Grid

n. Amsler, gráfico de, gráfico que sirve de ayuda para revelar signos de degeneración macular aguda.
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Resource ready In April, we launched three new patient leaflets--The Amsler chart, Scratched cornea, and Tinted and coloured filters for visual discomfort bringing our collection up to 20.
dose; and by the end of this two-week period, the wavy lines that I previously saw in the Amsler chart now appeared straight.
All patients demonstrated central scotoma due to macular pathology by means of Amsler chart reading and automated visual field (HVF) testing.
My last patient arrived for his first eye examination with us at 5pm with a slight possible distortion on Amsler chart to one side of fixation in one eye.
It is important to discuss cessation of smoking where indicated, offer dietary advice and issue an Amsler chart to allow the patient to check for distortion in the fellow eye.
Performing an Amsler chart test is also useful in order to help diagnose the presence of macular distortion from macular oedema or exudative AMD.