Amsler grid

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Noun1.Amsler grid - a pattern of small boxes that is used for self-monitoring by patients who have age-related macular degeneration
grid - a pattern of regularly spaced horizontal and vertical lines
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Amsler Grid

n. Amsler, gráfico de, gráfico que sirve de ayuda para revelar signos de degeneración macular aguda.
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Several different procedures can be performed to diagnose a retinal problem or to determine the extent or severity of that disorder and include a comprehensive eye examination which may include: 1) visual acuity test; 2) dilated eye exam; 3) Amsler grid; 4) angiography; 5) optical coherence tomography (OCT); 6) ultrasonography; 7) computed tomography (CT); 8) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); and 9) electroretinography (Khazaeni, L., 2018;
In addition to failing the objective machine and computer tests, I also flunked a subjective test, the Amsler Grid Test.
In medicine, an Amsler grid is used for examining which part of the body?
Amsler grid is a useful diagnostic aid in assessing macular disease.
For example "Sightbook includes a Snellen visual acuity test, an amsler grid (for macular degeneration) and contrast sensitivity among other tests, while Visual Fields Easy is good for peripheral vision loss.
You can test yourself for early signs of ARMD using the Amsler Grid - a grid of squares with a dot at the centre.
In the meanwhile she was directed to evaluate her central vision on the Amsler Grid.
* Amsler grid. In this test, you look at a grid that is a pattern of horizontal and vertical intersecting lines, similar to graph paper.
visual acuity tests, colour vision, Amsler grid and tests for astigmatism.
The guide includes color illustrations, the Amsler grid self--screening tool, resources, and a glossary.