Amsler grid

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Noun1.Amsler grid - a pattern of small boxes that is used for self-monitoring by patients who have age-related macular degeneration
grid - a pattern of regularly spaced horizontal and vertical lines

Amsler Grid

n. Amsler, gráfico de, gráfico que sirve de ayuda para revelar signos de degeneración macular aguda.
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You can test yourself for early signs of ARMD using the Amsler Grid - a grid of squares with a dot at the centre.
uk, the materials will include flyers on men's and women's eye health, a guide to dry eyes and an Amsler grid.
visual acuity tests, colour vision, Amsler grid and tests for astigmatism.
The guide includes color illustrations, the Amsler grid self--screening tool, resources, and a glossary.
Known as an Amsler Grid, the chart looks like graph paper with a black dot in the center.
One way to monitor your eyes to see if you need to visit an ophthalmologist is to check your vision regularly using an Amsler grid.
One tool developed at the USAMRD for clinical evaluation/triage of potential and actual laser induced retinal injury patients is the Aidman Vision Screener* and Amsler Grid ([dagger]) card.
It has long been recognized that, presumably because of perceptual completion (or "filling in"), more than 40% of persons with definite scotomas in their central visual field cannot detect them on an Amsler grid (Fine et al.
One way to tell if you're experiencing AMD is to take an Amsler grid test.
And, because dry AMD can progress to wet AMD, you should obtain an Amsler grid from your health care professional and use it to check each eye every day for signs of wet AMD.