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A small wooded valley; a dell.

[Middle English, dell, hollow.]


(Physical Geography) a small wooded dell
[C13: of uncertain origin]


(ˈdɪŋ gəl)

a wooded valley; dell.
[1200–50; Middle English: a deep dell, hollow; akin to Old English dung dungeon, Old High German tunc cellar]
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Noun1.dingle - a small wooded hollowdingle - a small wooded hollow    
holler, hollow - a small valley between mountains; "he built himself a cabin in a hollow high up in the Appalachians"


nbaumbestandene Mulde
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Tenders are invited for the works comprises the design, supply, installation, commission and testing of a cathodic protection system to 209m of sheet pile wall at an daingean fishery harbour centre main pier, dingle, co.
Cork & (c)Furlong Forbairt Teoranta having its registered office & principal place of business at Conor Pass Road, An Daingean, Co.
However, two years later, a plebescite result found overwhelming favour to change the name of the town from An Daingean to Dingle-Daingean U Chis.
Alana Avery, Sibeal Teo, Baile An Mhuilinn, An Daingean, Co.
Tenders are invited for the works will involve the removal of an existing disused slipway and dredging of the seabed material within the vicinity of the slipway at an daingean fishery harbour centre, co.
Filte finds out how and why An Daingean keeps attracting visitors in such great numbers, how to cook the perfect prawn dish, and catches up with the best local music from Aoife and Deirdre Granville and many more.
The 11-week run of the series will this year cover festivals and events from Donegal to Wexford and Belfast to An Daingean as well as the major city festivals in Cork and Tralee.
Tenders are invited for An daingean fhc main pier - consultancy services for main pier sheet pile remedial works at an daingean fhc, co.
An Gaeltacht (Kerry), An Daingean (Kerry), Dromintee (Armagh), Duleek (Louth), Cooley Kickhams (Louth), An Tocher (Wicklow), Kill (Kildare), John Mitchells (Kerry).
A new book has also claimed that the screen legend snubbed local Irish coleens during his year in An Daingean in 1969 and even used a priest to drive fleeing women to the airport whenever his wife arrived unexpectedly.
Steel bearing piles on the main pier (ii) determine the remaining lifespan of the sheet piles and the bearing piles (iii) produce design solutions, including costing for any necessary remedial works in connection with the main pier condition survey at an daingean fishery harbour centre.
He then travels to An Daingean and talks with local fisherman Labhras Courtney.