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 (än′hwē′) also An·hwei (-hwā′, -wā′)
A province of east-central China crossed by the Yangtze River. It was made a separate province along with Jiangsu under the Manchu dynasty. Hefei is the capital.


(ˈænˈweɪ) or


(Placename) a province of E China, crossed by the Yangtze River. Capital: Hefei. Pop: 64 100 000 (2003 est). Area: 139 860 sq km (54 000 sq miles)



also An•hwei


a province in E China. 59,550,000; 54,015 sq. mi. (139,899 sq. km). Cap.: Hefei.
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OTCBB:TNTU), announced today with its joint venture partner, Tengtu China (Tengtu), that the An Hui Province Education Commission has awarded Tengtu the contract for the province's Education Teaching Resource Center.
Tengtu's Education Resource System will be widely promoted and exclusively utilized in provincial districts and schools throughout An Hui Province.
The awarding of this contract and adoption of Tengtu's system will support the future deployment and selection of Tengtu portals and software products in An Hui Province.