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Governments from several parts of the world are adopting measures towards natural anaerobic decomposition of the collected organic waste in landfills.
Tier 1 renewable energy resources include solar, wind, biomass, anaerobic decomposition, geothermal and ocean, among others.
This anaerobic decomposition causes the release of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.
The man's death was initially attributed to methane, a physiologically inert gas produced through anaerobic decomposition of organic matter in manure and released through liquid manure.
The natural degradation of livestock wastes during storage emits CH4 to the atmosphere owing to anaerobic decomposition of organic matter.
Dealing with the same amount per sample (80% glycerin and 20% pig manure), Nuchdang and Phalakornkule (2012) registered that the ratio of propionic and butyric acid in the sample did not indicate any imbalance in anaerobic decomposition.
Anaerobic decomposition of a native and an exotic submersed macrophyte in two tropical reservoirs.
These can be classified in four main groups; physical (membranes filtration, nano-filtration, adsorption, etc.), chemical (oxidation, hydrolysis, electrolysis, ozonolysis, photocatalysis, etc.), physicochemical (ion exchange, coagulation, flocculation, reverse osmosis, etc.) and biological (aerobic and anaerobic decomposition, enzymatic decolourization, etc.) [4].The physicochemical processes used for the purification of dyeing wastewater are effective for decolourization, but their use is limited due to the problems associated with sludge generation and disposal.
These areas are characterized by a continuous and superficial moss layer over a peat layer in different levels of anaerobic decomposition, which can reach several meters in depth.
Anaerobic decomposition of organic materials containing sulphur and nitrogen produces odorous compounds such as hydrogen sulphide, amines and volatile fatty acids.
The highest emissions came from the tropics, especially the Amazon region, where the bottom waters and sediments tend to be oxygen-free, leading to anaerobic decomposition that contributes significantly to methane production.