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Noun1.Anagallis arvensis - herb with scarlet or white or purple blossoms that close at approach of rainy weatherAnagallis arvensis - herb with scarlet or white or purple blossoms that close at approach of rainy weather
pimpernel - any of several plants of the genus Anagallis
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Moreover, as Gartner during several years repeatedly crossed the primrose and cowslip, which we have such good reason to believe to be varieties, and only once or twice succeeded in getting fertile seed; as he found the common red and blue pimpernels (Anagallis arvensis and coerulea), which the best botanists rank as varieties, absolutely sterile together; and as he came to the same conclusion in several other analogous cases; it seems to me that we may well be permitted to doubt whether many other species are really so sterile, when intercrossed, as Gartner believes.
The minor group of taxa observed in honey samples were Pyracantha coccinea, Cousinia sp, Centaurea sp., Ajuga sp., Anagallis arvensis, Salvia sp., Taraxacum officinalis, Triticum vulgare, Carduus sp., Astragalus sp., Geranium sp., Lathyrus sp., Vicia sp., Gossypium hirsitum, Cistus sp., and Conium maculatum.
(Apiaceae) y representantes de diversas familias como Cyperus eragrostis Lam., Centaurium pulchellum (Sw.) Druce, Anagallis arvensis L., Dipsacus fullonum L., Oxypetalum solanoides Hook.
Ces therophytes sont essentiellement formees par Avena sterilis, Bromus rubens, Brachypodium distachyum, Hordeum murinum, Chenopodium album, Adonis luteola, Lotus hispidus, Trifolium angustifolium, Malva sylvestris,Plantagoalbicans, Plantagoserraria, Galium aparine, Calendula arvensis, Anagallis arvensis, etc.
In Pakistan, major weeds of wheat that cause huge economic losses are broad leaf dock (Rumex dentatus L.), swine cress (Coronopus didymus L.), emex species (Emex spinosa L.), canary grass (Phalaris minor Retz.), wild oat (Avena fatua L.), fumitory (Fumaria indica L.), lamb's quarters (Chenopodium album L.), field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis L.), blue pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis L), and bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon L.), (Tanveer and Ali, 2003).
Anagallis arvensis ydi'r enw gwyddonol a 'scarlet pimpernel' yn Saesneg.
Anagallis arvensis L.###Primulaceae###40###10###0.80###0.75###0.71
It must be that Anagallis arvensis has grabbed from the horse-drawn cart with all its teeth and claws, and travelled from Sarve to the coast of the sea this way' (BF: 42).
Such species include many annuals, e.g., Althaea ludwigii, Anagallis arvensis, Arnebia decumbens, Calendula arvensis, Campanula erinus, Helianthemum salicifolium, Plantago amplexicaulis, Reichardia tingitana, Rumex vesicarius, Scabiosa olivieri and Trigonella stellata, as well as a variety of perennials such as Artemisia sieberi, Farsetia aegyptia, Helianthemum lippii, Ixiolirion tataricum, Moraea sisyrhinchium, Piptatherum holciforme and Prunus arabica (see, e.g., Shuaib 1995).