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n. pl.1.(Bibl.) A race of giants living in Palestine.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They will be joined by the likes of Grand Elder, Anakim, Blind Divide, Fear Bound and Lost In Lavender Town at the festival.
Tarihsel olarak ataerkil bir Yahudi egemen devlet soyleminin ideolojik bir aygiti seklinde hizmet veren Israil anakim medyasi, zaman icinde guvenlik odakli ayrimciliktan riza olusturmaya dayali hegemonyaya dogru soylemsel bir donusumden gecmistir.
Anunnaki, according to Sitchin, literally means "those who from heaven came to Earth." Christianity refers to them as Anakim and also Nefilim, which in Hebrew means the same thing: "Those who have come down, from the Heavens to Earth." That was what probably gave rise to the idea that they are "fallen" angels.
"Rise of the Anakim: Tablets of Destiny" tells the story of Ethan Moore, a man who travels through time during the many different stages of apocalypse before settling on 2024, the last chance humanity has to save itself from inevitable extinction at the hands of cyborgs.