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 (ə-năl′sēm′) also a·nal·cite (-sīt′)
A white or light-colored zeolite, NaAlSi2O6·H2O, found in certain basalts.

[French, from Greek analkimos, weak (from its weak electric power) : an-, not; see a-1 + alkimos, brave (from alkē, strength).]

a·nal·cim′ic adj.
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Hydrothermaler Analcim der kupferhaltigen Schichtenfolge des Perms aus dem Vorland des Riesengebirges (Horni Kalna) und seine Bedeutung fur die Herkunft des Kupfers.
The most frequent species of zeolites are stibnite, chabasite, laumontite, mesolite/mordenite, thomsonite, and analcim.