Analytic language

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a noninflectional language or one not characterized by grammatical endings.

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It is a tonal and analytic language," said Ajay Data, founder and CEO, Data XGen Technologies Founder and CEO said.
To do so necessarily involves examining what, precisely, the listener hears (or is asked to hear) and how the analytic language reflects that hearing.
(7.) Analytic language / (available at
With familiar tasks and planned tasks, NSs' preference for analytic language is explained by their meaning-biased pursuit of originality, and its exigencies cannot be satisfied by the conventionalized and idiomatic word combinations.
They first cover theory and conceptual issues, discussing behavioral conceptualizations of autism-related phenomena, analyses of learning processes, and analysis of behavior analytic language in interventions.
"Rejected Stones" touched on Durham's central preoccupations, such as the construction of history, the struggle of art and poetry against analytic language, and the ghettoization of indigenous culture.
Golsan's case studies should be praised: they are well researched and well argued, his analytic language capable of teasing out subtleties in the demagogical rhetoric employed by his subjects while capturing in general terms the historical and political contexts in which Finkielkraut, Debray, or Courtois have made their erroneous, misleading points.