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Noun1.analytical review - an auditing procedure based on ratios among accounts and tries to identify significant changes
limited review, review - (accounting) a service (less exhaustive than an audit) that provides some assurance to interested parties as to the reliability of financial data
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Contract notice: Service of analytical tests in an external laboratory for the regional hospital of the national institute of sanitary management in melilla.
Development of better analytical tests, testing methods, and technologies, such as better sensors, will help prevent these capacity constraints that the industry is clearly concerned about.
A major price difference between conducting analytical tests in-house and outsourcing has been observed.
Diversified analytical tests and scientific personnel were added, and it turned out to be a success.
Then, according to this scenario, the chemical evidence of this meeting could then be picked up by a KGB agent, who would wipe the dissident's doorknob, then bring the cloth to a laboratory for analytical tests using chromatography or a mass spectrometer.
Following required regulatory procedures, Kodak submitted information to the FDA on the manufacturing of its computed radiography (CR) system for mammography and on analytical tests the system has undergone.

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