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 (ə-năng′kē, ə-năn′-)
A satellite of Jupiter.

[Greek Anankē, mother by Zeus of Adrasteia, distributor of rewards and punishments, from anankē, necessity; akin to Old Irish écen and Welsh angen, necessity, constraining circumstance, and Hittite ḫenkan, fateful death.]


(Astronomy) a small outer satellite of Jupiter
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Dubai: Ananke, a Dubai-based digital platform empowering women through awareness, advocacy and education, has been nominated for the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) awards, to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, in April.
She tells me that the text cited in Wolf comes from an out of print edition of Helene Cixous's Ananke. Because Wolf lost the precise reference, however, and neither Wolf nor Seita could relocate it, Seita inserted the French from a passage in Cixous's Dedans, simultaneously untranslating and transposing the text.
On the opening day, Warwickshire, minus their experienced doubles specialist Soumeya Ananke, suffered a frustrating 4-5 loss to Yorkshire.
Ananke, while spinning the threads of time, wanted that Johann Blumenbach (1752-1840) made an exact but opposite turn as the one previously made by Haller.
They cluster in three groups of 15 to 20 objects, named for members Ananke (discovered in 1951), Carme (1938), and Pasiphae (1908).
Alli presenta la siguiente cita del Timeo 48a: "that the generation of this world is mixed and made up of a certain composition of mind and necessity (ananke) both together, yet so as that mind doth also (in some sense) rule over necessity" (53).
Este proceso recibe el nombre de principio de "la escasez (Lebensnot, ananke) que le ensena al hombre que no puede gratificar libremente sus pulsiones, que no puede vivir bajo el principio del placer" (Marcuse, 1968, P.
Therefore, when god strives against god before the judgement seat Of Ananke, the battle may well be staged in the mysterious realm of these elemental powers.
Plato makes a unique but sensible assignment to Ananke (Necessity) in the tenth book of the Republic (10:617c-d), representing one of several alternatives to either of the two accounts in Hesiod.
According to this identification scheme [11], 60 moons were classified into 8 different groups, including Small Inner Regulars and Rings, Galileans, Themisto group, Carpo group, Himalia group, Carme group, and Ananke group as well as Pasiphae group, in addition to 9 satellites that do not belong to any of previous groups.
Asi el ello revela su incapacidad para adaptarse al apremio de la realidad, a la ananke (10) Aclara Freud que las diferencias entre neurosis y psicosis, son mucho mas notorias en el primer paso que en el segundo.
Aunque inicialmente los productos de una psiquiatria biologica reduccionista parecian formidables, Perez-Rincon nos enfrenta a eso que Paul Ricoeur llama "ananke": el simbolo de la desilusion.