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[ˌænəkəʊˈsɪndɪkəlɪzəm] Nanarco-, anarcosindicalismo m
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38) Vale senalar que en 1946 la historiadora Fanny Simon publico "Anarchism and AnarchoSyndicalism in Latin America", Hispanic American Review, Vol.
This is anarchocommunism or anarchosyndicalism whereby workers control the means of production, distribution and wealth collectively both in the workplace and community with full democracy.
His sympathy for the genuine proletarian nature of revolutionary syndicalism and anarchosyndicalism, as also stressed by Bertrand Russell (1918), clearly recalls Febvre's admiration for that 'son of the people', Proudhon.
Deep Ecology, Anarchosyndicalism and the Future of Anarchist Thought.
The "postcolonial" part is solely about Latin America (the book was indeed born from a panel on "Anarchism and Anarchosyndicalism in the Global South: Latin America in Comparative Perspective" at the European Social Science History Conference in Amsterdam in 2006).
Keywords: Anarchism, social anarchism, black anarchism, anarcha-feminism, anarchosyndicalism, anti-jeremiad