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[ˌænəkəʊˈsɪndɪkəlɪzəm] Nanarco-, anarcosindicalismo m
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The deep nuances of the solidarity campaign, between anarchosyndicalist, Italian anarchist, IWW, Communist Party, and various liberal elements are far too intricate to expand on here, but excellent overviews are Hill, 162-208; and Bryan Palmer, James P.
Costantino Lazzari was one of the founders, in 1892, of the Partita Socialista Italiano; Comunardo Braccialarghe was a well-known figure in anarchosyndicalist circles.
If the words "national socialism" had not acquired their current dreadful meaning', wrote Helmut Rudiger to Rudolf Rocker in July 1936, 'I would say that the CNT represents a national socialist movement; its connection with the international anarchosyndicalist movement is purely formal'.
The scourge of the military-industrial complex, the bitter moqueur of a free Western press, the Vietnam refusenikpar excellence, the anarchosyndicalist to the marrow of his nonconformist bones, is actually a running dog of imperialism, a whorer after new world orders, a Werner von Braun in pacifist clothing.
In comparison the Catalan section of the PCE stubbornly remained a minority movement, both in comparison with its regional competitors as 'authentic' Bolsheviks--labelled as Trotskyists by the Comintern--and with the anarchosyndicalist Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo (National Confederation of Labour, CNT), which was the predominant working-class organisation in Barcelona.
The Spanish Marxist party Partido Obrero de Unificacion Marxista (the Workers' Party of Marxist Unification) began within the ranks of the anarchosyndicalist National Labor Confederation (CNT), joined the Third (Communist) International for a time, and then became engaged in a bitter struggle with the International during the Spanish Civil War.
Daniels and his superficial conceptions, the Spanish anarchosyndicalist movement never produced an orthodoxy of any kind; nor did the Spanish Socialist party, the Catalan Left, or the POUM.
Yucatecan hacendados were quick to exploit this by financing and co-opting anarchosyndicalist unions, local leaders, and electoral candidates who opposed the agrarian reform.
About the Wobblies and their fire-breathing, anarchosyndicalist movement after the turn of the century.
What role should she choose to play-- "erstwhile anarchosyndicalist or bohemian dropout mother or patient housewife or disillusioned Catholic or dutiful daughter"?
Graham Kelsey is clearly one of those foreign admirers, and he dedicates his close analysis of the Aragonese anarchosyndicalist movement to the libertarians who lived it.
23) As David Miller has commented: 'We can see in Spain the unique spectacle of a mass trade union movement being led along the revolutionary path by a minority of conscious anarchists--the original anarchosyndicalist strategy came to fruition'.