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an·a 1

 (ăn′ə, ä′nə)
n. pl. ana or an·as
1. A collection of various materials that reflect the character of a person or place: definitive ana of the early American West.
2. An item in such a collection.

[From New Latin -āna, as in titles of such collections; see -ana.]

an·a 2

Both in the same quantity; of each. Used to refer to ingredients in prescriptions.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin, from Greek, at the rate of; see an- in Indo-European roots.]


antinuclear antibody
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Noun1.anas - type genus of the Anatidae: freshwater ducksAnas - type genus of the Anatidae: freshwater ducks
bird genus - a genus of birds
Anatidae, family Anatidae - swimming birds having heavy short-legged bodies and bills with a horny tip: swans; geese; ducks
Anas platyrhynchos, mallard - wild dabbling duck from which domestic ducks are descended; widely distributed
Anas rubripes, black duck - a dusky duck of northeastern United States and Canada
teal - any of various small short-necked dabbling river ducks of Europe and America
Anas penelope, widgeon, wigeon - freshwater duck of Eurasia and northern Africa related to mallards and teals
Anas clypeata, shoveler, shoveller, broadbill - freshwater duck of the northern hemisphere having a broad flat bill
Anas acuta, pintail, pin-tailed duck - long-necked river duck of the Old and New Worlds having elongated central tail feathers
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The uplan species (Anas Magellanica) is common, in pairs and in smal flocks, throughout the island.
The rock-goose, so called from living exclusively on th sea-beach (Anas antarctica), is common both here and o the west coast of America, as far north as Chile.
In these islands a great loggerheaded duck or goose (Ana brachyptera), which sometimes weighs twenty-two pounds is very abundant.
But all the while the Morisco Christian was telling her strange story, an elderly pilgrim, who had come on board of the galley at the same time as the viceroy, kept his eyes fixed upon her; and the instant she ceased speaking he threw himself at her feet, and embracing them said in a voice broken by sobs and sighs, "O Ana Felix, my unhappy daughter, I am thy father Ricote, come back to look for thee, unable to live without thee, my soul that thou art!"
She is Ana Felix, surnamed Ricote, celebrated as much for her own beauty as for my wealth.
"I know Ricote well," said Sancho at this, "and I know too that what he says about Ana Felix being his daughter is true; but as to those other particulars about going and coming, and having good or bad intentions, I say nothing."
While all present stood amazed at this strange occurrence the general said, "At any rate your tears will not allow me to keep my oath; live, fair Ana Felix, all the years that heaven has allotted you; but these rash insolent fellows must pay the penalty of the crime they have committed;" and with that he gave orders to have the two Turks who had killed his two soldiers hanged at once at the yard-arm.
News, as usual, Christian Young brought--news of the drinking at Guvutu, where the men boasted that they drank between drinks; news of the new rifles adrift on Ysabel, of the latest murders on Malaita, of Tom Butler's sickness on Santa Ana; and last and most important, news that the Matambo had gone on a reef in the Shortlands and would be laid off one run for repairs.
In his quest to let the public know who Anas Aremeyaw Anas was, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyepong, displayed on live television, the image of the deceased, Ahmed, an investigative journalist, and others in his 'Who watches the watchman anti-Anas documentary.
Alizade said that the Academy is actively working towards the integration of science and education and as an indicator of this, 16 basic chairs of various universities operate in the institutes of ANAS.
Justice Nik Hasmat Nik Mohamad also ordered Mohd Anas to pay cost of RM5,000 to Muhyiddin after allowing Muhyiddin's application to strike out the suit on the grounds that it was a trivial case, abused the court proceedings and lacked any cause of action.
It's also a great reminder that every citizen has a right and responsibility to bring their messages to Capital Hill," said ANA President Pamela F.