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Noun1.Anas americana - a widgeon the male of which has a white crownAnas americana - a widgeon the male of which has a white crown
Anas penelope, widgeon, wigeon - freshwater duck of Eurasia and northern Africa related to mallards and teals
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The migration chronology of banded mallards might be broadly representative of other dabbling duck species that breed in Alaska, such as the American green-winged teal (Anas carolinensis), American wigeon (Anas americana), and northern pintail (Anas acuta), in which H5Nx was detected at lower latitudes.
From 2004-2006, we collected sera from 1406 wildcaught American wigeon (Anas americana), mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), and northern pintail (Anas acuta) ducks at national wildlife refuges (NWRs) in North Dakota and wood ducks (Aix sponsa) at NWRs in South Carolina and Tennessee.
The Eurasian Wigeon (Anas penelope; hereafter EUWI), a close relative of the American Wigeon (Anas americana; hereafter AMWI) and Chiloe Wigeon (Anas silbatrix) of North and South America, breeds throughout Northern Eurasia and winters in portions of western Europe, Africa, and India (Johnsgard 1978; Madge and Burn 1988).