Anas discors

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Noun1.Anas discors - American tealAnas discors - American teal        
teal - any of various small short-necked dabbling river ducks of Europe and America
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Las muestras biologicas fueron obtenidas mediante la actividad cinegetica, recolectandose los aparatos digestivos y respiratorios de 52 aves acuaticas (Anas discors, A.
Se registro la migratoria Anas discors en la matriz de Colindres.
Cloacal shedding was rarely detected (0.1% prevalence) among native waterfowl and was observed in 1 blue-winged teal (Anas discors) and 1 mottled duck (Anas fulvigula).
Dendritobilharzia species have been reported from avian hosts including Aix sponsa, Anas creca, Anas discors, Anas platyrhynchos, Anas querquedula, Anas rhynchotis, Anas superciliosa superciliosa, Aythya affinis, Aythya americana, Aythya ferina, Aythya novaeseelandiae, Bucephala albeola, Bucephala clangula, Cygnus olor, Cygnus atratus, Cygnus columbianus, Mergus merganser, Mergus serrator, Nettion crecca and Tadorna variegate from Poland (Sulgostowska, 1972; Khalifa, 1976), New Zealand (Rind, 1989), North America (Ulmer and Vande Vusse, 1970), Brazil (Freitas and Costa, 1972), Czech Republic (Kalarova et al., 1989, 1997), Germany (Palm, 1965); Texas (Canaris et al., 1981), India (Chauhan et al., 1973 and France (Bayssade-Dufour et al., 2006).
Blue-winged Teal (Anas discors).--Butler (1898) referred to this small duck as a local summer resident.
WNV n (%) negative Blue-winged teal (Anas discors) 16 (100) 0 Northern pintail (A.
Cloacal swabs were collected from teal (Anas crecca, Anas cyanoptera, Anas discors), mottled ducks (Anas fulvigula), and northern pintails (Anas acuta) in Brazoria County, Texas, USA, during February 2001, mottled ducks during August 2001, and blue-winged teal (A discors) during February 2002.