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n. pl. a·nas·to·mo·ses (-sēz)
1. The connection of separate parts of a branching system to form a network, as of leaf veins, blood vessels, or a river and its branches.
2. Medicine The surgical connection of separate or severed tubular hollow organs to form a continuous channel, as between two parts of the intestine.

[Late Latin anastomōsis, from Greek, outlet, from anastomoun, to furnish with a mouth : ana-, ana- + stoma, mouth.]

a·nas′to·mot′ic (-mŏt′ĭk) adj.
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n, pl -ses (-siːz)
1. (Anatomy) a natural connection between two tubular structures, such as blood vessels
2. (Surgery) the surgical union of two hollow organs or parts that are normally separate
3. (Botany) the separation and rejoining in a reticulate pattern of the veins of a leaf or of branches
[C16: via New Latin from Greek: opening, from anastomoun to equip with a mouth, from stoma mouth]
anastomotic adj
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(əˌnæs təˈmoʊ sɪs)

n., pl. -ses (-sēz).
1. interconnection between parts of any branching system, as between blood vessels, veinlets in a leaf, or branches of a stream.
2. a joining of two organs or spaces normally not connected.
[1605–15; < New Latin < Greek: opening. See ana-, stoma, -osis]
a•nas′to•mose`, v.t., v.i. -mosed, -mos•ing.
a•nas•to•mot•ic (əˌnæs təˈmɒt ɪk) adj.
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connection between parts that have branched off from each other at some earlier point. — anastomotic, adj.
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Surgery to join two tube-like organs, such as pieces of intestine.
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Noun1.anastomosis - a natural or surgical joining of parts or branches of tubular structures so as to make or become continuous
colligation, conjugation, conjunction, junction - the state of being joined together
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n anastomosis f
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