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1. anatomical.
2. anatomist.
3. anatomy.
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For further details: Anat Ochana Arad Communications +972-3-6440404 or +972-54-6699313
Anat Segal currently runs an independent advisory practice providing investment banking services, financial and strategic consulting to high-tech companies.
For further details: Anat Ochana, Shay Arad, Arad Communications, +972-3-6440404, +972-54-6699313/8
Poorly organized movement is the cause of most RSI associated pain, stress and limitations, states Anat Baniel the developer of the Desk-Trainer exercise system.
Anat Zahor, the woman and spirit who was certified as an Iyengar yoga instructor in 2000, will be participating on behalf of Israel.
CONTACT: Contact Information: Anat Ron, Public Relations Director, Ilient, Tel +972-3-533-3675, anat.
There are more ways than have been previously considered that trading and governance can interact," said Anat Admati, the Joseph McDonald Professor of Finance and Economics and a professor, by courtesy, of management science and engineering in the Stanford School of Engineering.
Young workers tend to make conscientious employees, according to Anat Baharouzi, a manager at the theater.
1 Intelligent Biomatrices and Engineered Tissue Constructs: In-Vitro Models for Drug Discovery and Toxicity Testing (Philip Lazarovici, Mengyan Li, Anat Perets, Mark J.
Anat has not been officially listed among the dead but as John waited for his fears to be confirmed others were already coming to terms with their grief.
Family members said Aminov's wife, Anat, was devastated by the news.