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 (brĭth′ən, -ŏn′)
1. An ancient Celtic Briton. No longer in scholarly use.
2. A member of a Brittonic-speaking people. No longer in scholarly use.

[Welsh, from Latin Brittonēs, Britons; see Briton.]
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(Peoples) a Celt who speaks a Brythonic language. Compare Goidel
[C19: from Welsh; see Briton]
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On the other hand, if you showed an Ancient Briton a revolver, I doubt if he would know it was a weapon-- until it was fired into him, of course.
If a man like your brother likes to go into Parliament as a yeoman or a gentleman or a Jacobite or an Ancient Briton, I should say it would be a jolly good thing."
These may have been the ancient Britons whom Caesar fought when he first came to our shore.
I had not then seen a coracle, such as the ancient Britons made, but I have seen one since, and I can give you no fairer idea of Ben Gunn's boat than by saying it was like the first and the worst coracle ever made by man.
And Britain 'belonged' to Boudicca, the Queen of the Iceni, and the other Ancient Briton tribes, Scotland (Caledonia) to the Picts, France (Gaul) to Vercingetorix and the Celts, Italy to the Etruscans, Greece to the Dorians, Hungary to Attila and the Huns, Turkey to the Byzantines, America to the Red Indians, etc., etc., etc.
The aftermath in the Ancient Briton pub in Porthcawl after two youths set off fire extinguishers
Far up the Upper Swansea Valley, the Ancient Briton scooped both pub and cider pub of the year in Neath Port Talbot.
I told her at the time: not even the richest Ancient Briton is going to have a gold one of those.
For me, it was the most meteorological afternoon I'd endured at the track since Couldnt Be Better won the Hennessy, when such was the rain that on peeling off my saturated clothes I discovered my skin had turned blue - like an ancient Briton - through the dye leaching out of my suit and shirt.
Gerald James, landlord of his local pub, the Ancient Briton, said: "Garry was a tremendous guy and a brilliant darts player.
Friend Gerald James, landlord of the Ancient Briton pub, said: "It's not a job I would have done for any amount of money.
Boudica suggests how the childhood of this warrior queen from ancient Briton may have created this strong leader.

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