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also Mer·o·we  (mĕr′ō-ē′)
An ancient city of northern Sudan on the Nile River northeast of Khartoum. The capital of a Cushite dynasty from 530 bc to ad 350, it was noted for its iron smelting and casting.


(Placename) an ancient city in N Sudan, on the Nile; capital of a kingdom that flourished from about 700 bc to about 350 ad


(ˈmɛr oʊˌi)

a ruined city in Sudan, on the Nile: a capital of ancient Ethiopia that was destroyed A.D. c350.
Mer′o•ite` (-oʊˌaɪt) n.
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It appears that present-day Yorubaland and the ancient City of Meroe, the second capital of the Kushite Kingdom which laid 100 miles from Khartoum, were integral parts of Ethiopia.

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