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 (ĭ-lîr′ē-ə) also Il·lyr·i·cum (-ĭ-kəm)
An ancient region of the Balkan Peninsula on the Adriatic coast. Occupied in prehistoric times by an Indo-European-speaking people, the area became the Roman province of Illyricum after the final conquest of the Illyrians in 35-33 bc. The name was revived by Napoleon for the provinces of Illyria (1809-1815) and retained for the kingdom of Illyria, a division of Austria from 1816 to 1849.


(Placename) an ancient region of uncertain boundaries on the E shore of the Adriatic Sea, including parts of present-day Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania


(ɪˈlɪər i ə)

an ancient country along the E coast of the Adriatic.
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Noun1.Illyria - an uncertain region on the east shore of the Adriatic where an ancient Indo-European people once lived
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Shakespeare's ancient Illyria and the '60s rock 'n' roll era in Manila seem to lack similarities, but the fact that Vera is able to do a fitting adaptation only proves the universality of Shakespeare's work as it resonates in another time.
Further, ancient Illyria, [4] Bosnia, Herzegovina, the Czech kingdom, the Slavic part of the Hungarian kingdom--all these peoples constitute half of the Austrian empire.
One of the most prominent types of prehistoric monuments in the modern landscape of Albania, and in many of the neighbouring lands that make up ancient Illyria (Wilkes 1992: xx-xxi, 1-27), is the tumulus.

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