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n. pl. an·con·es (-kō′nēz)
A projecting bracket that is used in classical architecture to carry the upper elements of a cornice; a console.

[Latin ancōn, from Greek ankōn, elbow.]


(ˈæŋkɒn) or


n, pl ancones (æŋˈkəʊniːz)
1. (Architecture) architect a projecting bracket or console supporting a cornice
2. (Anatomy) a former technical name for elbow
[C18: from Greek ankōn a bend]
anconal, anconeal adj


(ˈæŋ kɒn)

n., pl. an•co•nes (æŋˈkoʊ niz)
1. the elbow.
2. a bracket or console, as one supporting part of a cornice.
[1700–10; < Latin < Greek ankṓn elbow]
an•co′nal, an•co′ne•al, adj.
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