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n.1.(Anat.) A muscle of the elbow and forearm.
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Compression of the ulnar nerve within the cubital tunnel can occur secondary to direct trauma, repetitive stresses or replacement of the overlying retinaculum with an anomalous anconeus epitrochlearis muscle, which is found in 11% of the population.
67) In general, it can be tolerated by most patients but can be reinforced with an anconeus slide or Achilles tendon allograft if symptoms remain significant.
A 42-year-old man demonstrated the presence of an olecranon spur as well as an anconeus epitrochlearis muscle on MRI scanning.
Management of radioulnar synostosis with mobilization, anconeus interposition, and a forearm rotation assist splint.
Most commonly compression has been attributed to the presence of an accessory muscle - the anconeus epitrochlearis.
An external surgical approach of the right elbow was performed, using a curved, 4-cm incision between the extensor carpi ulnaris and the anconeus muscles.
The triceps lies posteriorly along with the olecranon tip and the anconeus, which runs from the lateral epicondyle to the proximal ulna.
The lateral collateral ligament complex provides static stability to varus stress, while the anconeus is thought to add some dynamic varus stability.
15) The Kocher interval is entered and the anconeus muscle is reflected, allowing identification of the crista supinatoris.