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 (ăn′də-lo͞o′zhə, -zhē-ə) also An·da·lu·cí·a (än′dä-lo͞o-sē′ə)
A region of southern Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, the Strait of Gibraltar, and the Atlantic Ocean. The area contains magnificent Moorish architecture, including the historic towns of Seville, Granada, and Córdoba.
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Noun1.Andalucia - a region in southern Spain on the Atlantic and the MediterraneanAndalucia - a region in southern Spain on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean; formerly a center of Moorish civilization
Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain - a parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power
Granada - a city in southeastern Spain that was the capital of the Moorish kingdom until it was captured by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492; site of the Alhambra (a palace and fortress built by Moors in the Middle Ages) which is now a major tourist attraction
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Campa, left to Andalucia, right to Fugoso, left to T.
Seville, Granada 6 days from PS609 Flying direct from an airport near you, 13, 20 Mar, 3, 24 Apr, 15 May, 12 Jun, 4, 11, 18, 25 Sept, 2 & 9 Oct 2019 An exciting exploration of Andalucia.
6 days from PS669 Flying direct from an airport near you, 13 June, 5, 10, 15, 20 September, 3 & 10 October 2018 An exciting exploration of Andalucia. Stay in the heart of the 'real' Andalucia Enjoy a full-day visit to Seville Journey towards the Sierra Nevada, beneath which the great Moorish city of Granada stands Visit Granada and enjoy a visit to the exquisite palace and gardens of the world-renowned Alhambra Visit the Andalucian city of Ronda Fully escorted by a friendly, experienced Five nights' three-star bed and breakfast hotel *Applies to bookings made by 30th Apr 2018.
The daily classes encompass the local cuisines of Andalucia, presenting their techniques and dishes in hands-on cooking classes of three and a half hours.
"Super Break has been in the short break market for over 30 years and this first five-day trip provides a great opportunity for travellers from the North-east to experience not just the beautiful city of Seville but the whole of the fascinating region of Andalucia."
Asteco Jordan, a franchise of the UAE's largest real estate firm, has been appointed as exclusive sales agent for the 175-villa Jordanian development Andalucia, near the country's capital, Amman.