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The name applied to the portions of the Iberian Peninsula under Moorish control between the years 711 and 1492, especially the region corresponding roughly with present-day Andalusia in southern Spain. During the period of Moorish rule, al-Andalus experienced a cultural flowering, contributing significantly to the scientific and artistic development of medieval Europe.
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MORE than 1,000 people are expected to visit an eight-hour food festival which will be held on Friday at the Andalus Garden in Manama.
Juan Ram'f3n Sobero, head chef at La Liga Lounge at the Sheraton Grand Doha, and In`s El`xpuru, author of 'Cooking in Al Andalus: Culinary Magic and Seduction', led the workshop.
Last year I failed to complete stage four of the wonderful Al Andalus Ultimate Trail in Andalusia, Spain - a 230km event over five days.
Emilio Gonzalez Ferrin, con una ya dilatada carrera como ensayista con dos obras ya imprescindibles para el entendimiento del islam como fenomeno historico (La angustia de Abraham) y su relacion con nuestra historia (Historia general de Al Andalus), publica un libro con el que continua su periplo intelectual y que decide llamar Cuando fuimos arabes, titulo que resume con ingeniosa brevedad la esencia de cuanto quiere transmitir.
Other MB-owned companies included Andalusia Real Estate Investments, Andalusia Hotel, Matrouh Company for financial and sports games, Al-Andalus and Hejaz Real Estate Investments company, Andalus and Hegaz company for maintenance and reconstruction work, Andalus and Hegaz for Real Estate and Marketing Services, Al-Andalus and Hegaz Tourism Development Company, Egyptian Qatari Company, Al Tayseer Company, Kimat trading and construction company and Blue Lagoon Hotel.
The Andalus Spa has opened at Al Seef Resort & Spa by Andalus, located in Abu Dhabi.
Somalia's Islamic extremist group al-Shabab has claimed the blast, according to the rebels' Andalus radio station.
Abu Dhabi: Al Seef Resort and Spa by Andalus in Abu Dhabi has launched a book donation drive, besides book-reading sessions for kids in the run-up to World Literacy Day on September 8.
Al-Shabaab, however, claimed on pro-insurgent radio Andalus that it had killed 20 soldiers.
Les ensembles Ibn Badja et El Fen Wa Nachat de Mostaganem, El Amel de Sougueur (Tiaret), El Amraouia de Tizi Ouzou, Diar El Andalus de Blida, Bibane El Andalus de Borj Bou Arreridj, El Youssoufia El Andaloussia de Miliana et Les Beaux Arts d'Alger sont programmes au cours des soirees.
Saudi Arabia's Al Andalus Property will launch an initial public offering (IPO) in December.