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 (ăn′də-mə-nēz′, -nēs′)
n. pl. Andamanese
1. also An·da·man (ăn′də-mən) A member of an indigenous people of the Andaman Islands.
2. The language of the Andamanese, of no known linguistic affiliation.

An′da·man·ese′ adj.


(ˌæn də məˈniz, -ˈnis)

n., pl. -ese,
adj. n.
a. a member of a physically distinctive people that comprise the indigenous population of the Andaman Islands.
b. a member of what was formerly the largest subdivision of this people, inhabiting Great Andaman, the major island group of the archipelago.
2. the languages of the Andamanese, not closely affiliated with any other languages of the world.
3. of or pertaining to the Andaman Islands, the Andamanese, or their languages.
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The first few days of the voyage passed prosperously, amid favourable weather and propitious winds, and they soon came in sight of the great Andaman, the principal of the islands in the Bay of Bengal, with its picturesque Saddle Peak, two thousand four hundred feet high, looming above the waters.
The varied landscape afforded by the Andaman Islands was soon passed, however, and the Rangoon rapidly approached the Straits of Malacca, which gave access to the China seas.
I know well that in certain countries, particularly in the Andaman Islands, the negroes never hesitate to attack them with a dagger in one hand and a running noose in the other; but I also know that few who affront those creatures ever return alive.
There was nothing in it to suggest a clue,--some clothes, some books, and a considerable number of curiosities from the Andaman Islands.
When he was on the frontier in search of the local murderer who came in the grey dawn to send Strickland much further than the Andaman Islands, Tietjens caught him as he was crawling into Strickland's tent with a dagger between his teeth, and after his record of iniquity was established in the eyes of the law, he was hanged.
You probably never heard before the proposition "that the inhabitants of the Andaman Islands habitually eat stewed hippopotamus for dinner," but there is no difficulty in understanding the proposition.
We saw the cold winter sun rise over the dreary marshes of the Thames and the long, sullen reaches of the river, which I shall ever associate with our pursuit of the Andaman Islander in the earlier days of our career.
Tenders are invited for "Plucking Of Ripe Coconut From Standing Trees In Alhw Office Complex And Alhw Colony At Hut Bay In Little Andaman For The Period Of 01 (One) Year"
6 magnitude hit the Andaman Islands on Tuesday morning.
Baratang islands are the ever time spectacular region of the Andaman Islands that nurture Limestone caves and Mud volcanoes.
In the Andaman family business, constitution is a defining value: pasobra.
NEW DELHI, March 21 (KUNA) -- India has rejected China's request to enter India's Andaman Sea to search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 over concerns of military snooping, Indian media reported Friday.