Andante moderato

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a little faster than andante.

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A better title for the seemingly-innocuous Andante moderato might be "Nightmare." The prize of these duets has to be the Allegro volante, a perpetual-motion style movement that demands the highest virtuosic abilities of these wonderful horn players, and they meet the demands.
De Souza's vigorous reading of the Prelude not only set the tone for the evening, but in the slower Andante moderato section, it effectively foreshadowed the opera's tragic end.
The second movement, an andante moderato, brought with it more melody, albeit on the sorrowful end of the scale, with an otherworldy atmosphere and a winding theme from the bassoon which was replicated in the woodwind, while the finale heralded possibly the first ever solo Carpenter says when he thinks of the bassoon he hears a human baritone voice in his head; a melancholy and contemplative baritone if his concerto, written in topsy-turvy fashion from the middle out, is anything to go by.
Tonal--ends D major; [D.sub.4]-[E.sub.5]; Tess: M; 4/2, Andante moderato [crochet] = 69; V/M, P/M; 4 pages.
Smith's note-bending, although elegiac in its way, on Sunday sounded rather at odds with the lyrical opulence and lush string writing of the opening Andante Moderato; but when it lifted off into brass-led big band territory with jazz bass and drums, everything fell into place.
James Buhler reveals dualities in the Andante moderato of Mahler's Sixth Symphony and among the critics who variously view it as beautiful, sentimental, banal, or ironic--with a remoteness that either offers an oasis or lacks gravitas, and with a subversion of rondo form that ultimately defies any neat analysis.
La Cuarta Sinfonia (Opus 98) resulta, indudablemente, como la mas portentosa y sublime aportacion de Brahms al lenguaje sinfonico, apareciendo aqui tambien un genuino lenguaje romantico que acaba por inscribirlo como uno de los mas firmes exponentes de dicha escuela decimononica, porque su musica, a pesar de que siempre esta perfectamente construida, adquiere los tonos melodicos, liricos, apasionados, de lo que el Andante moderato de dicha obra da clara cuenta.
But the MM of the Andante moderato third-movement opening struck Del Mar as 'too heavy and dragging,(25) and eight out of the 11 recordings take a faster tempo.
There was a steady andante moderato, perhaps a little too robust at times, followed by a brisk and bruising scherzo.