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A mountain system of western South America extending more than 8,000 km (4,970 mi) from Venezuela to Tierra del Fuego parallel to the Pacific coast. The Andes rise at many points to more than 6,500 m (21,325 ft).

An′de·an (ăn′dē-ən, ăn-dē′ən) adj. & n.


(ænˈdiːən; ˈændɪən)
(Placename) of, relating to, or resembling the Andes


(ˈæn di ən, ænˈdi-)

of or pertaining to the Andes.
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Adj.1.Andean - relating to the Andes and their inhabitantsAndean - relating to the Andes and their inhabitants


A. ADJandino
B. CPD Andean high plateau Naltiplanicie f andina, altiplano m (LAm) andino


adjAnden-; Andean countryAndenstaat m
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As such she compared him with herself; and at every discovery of the abundance of his illuminations, and the unmeasurable, Andean altitude of his, she became quite dejected, disheartened from all further effort on her own part whatever.
This is the fifth release made by the SERFOR of this majestic Andean bird, so in one of its wings it has a yellow band with the number 5, which can be seen in the wild.
19 December 2017 - Florida, US-based wireless communication infrastructure owner and operator Andean Tower Partners (ATP) has acquired Chile-based Torres Unidas, an owner and operator of communication towers in South America from Boston, US-based investment firm Berkshire Partners, to expand ATP's portfolio of digital communication infrastructure assets in the Andrean region.
Marin-Dale approaches Andean mythology from the perspective of both observer and participant in the culture, with personal knowledge of many of the stories and belief systems she describes.
Andean Naturals believes strongly in empowering Bolivian farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture in the Andes.
Collective Identity in the Andean Community: An Institutional Account *
The author weaves political, religious, and cultural history into the Andean religious fabric and presents fair and balanced depictions of priests who protected their flock and those who exploited them.
This ethnohistorical study is an addition to a growing literature on "daily politics on the ground" at an interesting and challenging moment: the decades after conquistador Francisco Pizarro and his men had touched Andean territory.
The South American Pacific margin resulted from the alignment of the Andean Cordillera.
According to the company, SES 10 will be positioned at the 67 degrees West orbital position, pursuant to an agreement between the Andean Community (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) and SES, which provides for use of the Andean Community's Simon Bolivar 2 satellite network.
Through a reading of archival legal documents from the colonial era, O'Toole constructs a historiography of colonialism and slavery that foregrounds interactions between African slaves and Andean indentured laborers to explore how these two economic systems of oppression are crucial to an understanding of the history of the Andes and Latin America.
That is why Quinoa cultivation is expanding from the Andean region to include Kenya, India, North America and Europe," he noted.