Andean bear

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An·de·an bear

 (ăn′dē-ən, ăn-dē′ən)
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Giant bear: Native to South America, this ancient relative of the Andean bear is the biggest bear that ever lived.
Patrick Parker took his son Ian to see the Andean bear exhibit at the zoo in Nashville, Tennessee.
The spectacled or Andean bear, immortalised in the children's books by Michael Bond, has been hit by habitat destruction and just 4,000 remain.
We loved watching the Sumatran orangutans with their babies and the gorillas lazing in the sun, as well as spotting Bahia the Andean bear - just some of the 130 plus endangered species within its 32 acres.
Their focus on rare and endangered species has resulted in them taking in gorillas, tamarins and the Andean bear.
Zoo officials say they were planning to transfer Luka to the Nashville, Tennessee, zoo when they recently discovered that the 2-year-old Andean bear is a female, not a male as thought.
Tapir, puma, and Andean bear wander the undergrowth and gather at the many thermal springs to bathe and drink.
The Andean bear (Tremarctos ornatus): Myth and truth of its presence in Argentina.
You can watch animals from the comfort of your own home by clicking on this website to use a web camera to see the Amazon river fishes, Andean bear cubs, clouded leopard cubs, golden lion tamarins, kiwis, Sumatran tigers, sloth bears, giant pandas, and more!
They are one of two bears, along with the Andean bear which lives in South America, which has diverted from a bear's traditional mixed diet to a vegetarian diet.
The other vulnerable species on the Red List are China's Giant Panda, the Asiatic black bear, the sloth bear on the Indian subcontinent, the Andean bear in South America and the polar bear.