Andean condor

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Andean condor

A very large vulture (Vultur gryphus) found in the Andes Mountains.
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(ˈkɒn dər, -dɔr)

n., pl. con•dors for 1; condors, con•do•res (kənˈdɔr eɪs) for 2.
1. a New World vulture, Gymnogyps californianus (California condor) now extinct in the wild, or Vultur gryphus (Andean condor): the largest flying bird in the Western Hemisphere.
2. a former gold coin of Chile or Ecuador bearing the figure of a condor.
[1595–1605; < Sp < American Spanish < Quechua kuntur]
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Noun1.Andean condor - large vulture of the high Andes having black plumage and white neck ruffAndean condor - large vulture of the high Andes having black plumage and white neck ruff
condor - the largest flying birds in the western hemisphere
genus Vultur, Vultur - a bird that is usually restricted to the Andean condor
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"It might be thought lucky to have bird poo land on you, but for most of our guests, it's not a pleasant thought - especially if it belongs to a giant such as the Andean Condor.
The feathered cast ranges from red kites and bearded vultures to the Andean condor, one of the largest birds in the world with a 10ft wing-span.
Experience spectacular shows such as the new Falconer's Quest - taking to the skies twice daily, the entertaining aerial adventure features over 70 birds including the magnificent Andean Condor with a wingspan of over ten feet - and impressive archery skills of the Bowman.
There was Rosie the Andean Condor; Barty the Bearded Vulture, Nikita the Steller's Sea Eagle and Poppy the Peregrine Falcon.
More than 70 birds of prey, of which 40 will fly simultaneously, will star in the avian performance alongside a riveting storyline and live action, with amazing aerial feats by the broad flock, ranging from cheeky Red Kites to the majestic Andean Condor.
The Andean condor habitat, whichwas builtwhen the zoo was at Wheeler Park, will be removed.
Abstract: A 28-year-old female Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) housed in an outside exhibit at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA, began showing signs of weakness.
The sources for the full color illustrations run the gamut of humanity's interaction with our feathered friends, from Audubon's scientific studies to a nineteenth century Japanese painting of a raven to an Andean condor mask out of Bolivia.
Lucky guests may even spot an Andean condor. A family of these giant scavenger birds lives on the cliffs nearby,
Warwick Castle EASTER attractions include a spectacular fireball flung into the air by a siege machine, flights by an Andean condor which has a 10ft wingspan, and the return of the Horrible Histories Foul Fayres (right).