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 (ăn′dō′vər, -də-)
A town of northeast Massachusetts south of Lawrence. Phillips Andover Academy (founded 1778) is here.
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There was the affair in the Latin Commons at Andover when Calhoun and I had put gunpowder in the stove--and nearly killed one of the masters.
Sir Luke de Ponynges, Sir Thomas West, Sir Maurice de Bruin, Sir Arthur Lipscombe, Sir Walter Ramsey, and stout Sir Oliver Buttesthorn were all marching south with levies from Andover, Arlesford, Odiham and Winchester, while from Sussex came Sir John Clinton, Sir Thomas Cheyne, and Sir John Fallislee, with a troop of picked men-at-arms, making for their port at Southampton.
You will find parallel cases, if you consult my index, in Andover in '77, and there was something of the sort at The Hague last year.
Andover Games LLC, a mobile game developer and an operating subsidiary of Ascend Acquisition Corp (OTC BB:ASCQ), announced on Tuesday that it has entered into a three-year agreement with Meteor Group to be its first sales partner in mobile gaming development deals for top international consumer brands.
Steve Freidus, president of Andover Realty, brokered the transaction on behalf of the seller.
Andover, MA, June 28, 2015 --( Andover, MA real estate agent Ron Carpenito of Prime Property Team at Keller Williams Realty just helped another family buy their dream home.
ENPNewswire-August 27, 2019--North Andover Branch Plans Announced
United States-based Pfizer is opening a new manufacturing facility in Andover, Massachusetts, it was reported yesterday.
Massachusetts State Police urged all residents with homes serviced by Columbia Gas in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover to evacuate.
The explosions even forced evacuations in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover, Massachusetts State Police said, adding that not all gas had been shut off by Thursday evening and some of the lines were overpressurised.