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Noun1.Andre Eglevsky - United States ballet dancer (born in Russia) (1917-1977)
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Meanwhile she continued to burn up the floor in such pyrotechnical works as Pas de Dix (1955) and Allegro Brillante (1956), often partnered by Andre Eglevsky, himself a virtuoso technician.
In his company, she met Andre Eglevsky, who would be her partner through her moves to several other companies.
It gave us the Alexandra Danilova-Frederic Franklin partnership, classical dancers of caliber (Alicia Markova, Mia Slavenska, Natalie Krassovska, Igor Youskevitch, Andre Eglevsky, George Zoritch et al.), Americana (Agnes de Mille's Rodeo, plus pieces by Ruth Page and Valerie Bettis), still-cherished works by 20th-century masters (Massine's Gaite Parisienne, Balanchine's La Sonnambula and more), as well as good pocket editions of the classics.
Although coached and taught all his life by his older cousin, Zeida Cecilia Mendez, the young Fernando studied at the School of American Ballet under Andre Eglevsky and, later, Stanley Williams.
We had some constructive early partnering experiences rehearsing and performing the Don Quixote pas de deux for Andre Eglevsky. Fernando tried to push me into shape and to help me figure out where the positions of the arms were supposed to be, and how things should be done properly.
Andre Eglevsky came leaping out of the wings--grand jete, run run run, grand jete, run run run and out of the side of his mouth he was saying, 'Get that girl offstage!
How many classical dancers actually have ah effect on publicity or box office as once did quite a few, from Alexandra Danilova and Alicia Markova to Alicia Alonso and Nora Kaye, flora Anton Dolin to Andre Eglevsky and Igor Youskevitch?
Alicia Markova and Andre Eglevsky [who danced the Sugar Plum pas de deux] were very upset."