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Noun1.Andre Maginot - French politician who proposed the Maginot Line (1877-1932)Andre Maginot - French politician who proposed the Maginot Line (1877-1932)
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The "Northern Border Security Project" will be Saudi Arabia's Maginot Line ( a line of concrete fortifications, obstacles and weapons installations that France constructed on the orders of Minister of War Andre Maginot just before the borders with Switzerland and Germany and Luxembourg during the run-up to World War II).
Plots are still being developed, so the area has a provisional, work-in-progress feel, but the southern sector along the Rue Andre Maginot is now complete and evolving into a more rooted and inhabited neighbourhood.
In 1929 Andre Maginot, the French minister of war and a veteran of Verdun, began pushing for the creation of massive defenses that would cut off German invasion routes into France.