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(French masena)
(Biography) André (ɑ̃dre), Prince d'Essling. 1758–1817, French marshal under Napoleon I: victories at Saorgio (1794), Loano (1795), Rivoli (1797), Zürich (1799), and Caldiero (1805): defeated by Wellington in the Peninsular War (1810–11)


(mæs eɪˈnɑ)

André, duc de Rivoli and Prince d'Essling, 1758–1817, French marshal under Napoleon I.
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Total quantity or scope: The Group purchases the French Riviera, including the media establishment is the Lycee Andre Massena in Nice, awards public contracts on behalf of its members, a hundred schools of Alpes-Maritimes.
Napoleon's highly competent subordinate, Marshal Andre Massena, is incorrectly identified as "Andrea," and Marshal Nicolas Soult, the Duke of Dalmatia, is called the "Duke de Soult.
On April 4th, 1799, Gazan was promoted general de brigade, and his friend Andre Massena, general-in-chief of the French army in Switzerland, had him transferred into his Army of the Danube, operating against the Austrian and Russian forces.