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Noun1.Andrea Mantegna - Italian painter and engraver noted for his frescoes (1431-1506)Andrea Mantegna - Italian painter and engraver noted for his frescoes (1431-1506)
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Her "studiolo" in the Ducal Palace of Mantua attracted artists of the calibre of Andrea Mantegna, Perugino and Lorenzo Costa.
"Giovanni Bellini: The Art of Contemplation" deftly examines Bellini's life, including his complex relationships with his father Jacopo, his brother Gentile, and his brother-in-law Andrea Mantegna. Professor Grave additionally considers the original contexts of Bellini's works, and elucidates the ways in which these paintings were meant to be perceived.
Few displays of Italian art in recent years have been as absorbing and beautiful as this unprecedented selection of paintings, drawings and prints, devoted to the brothers-in-law Andrea Mantegna (c.
It was believed that the first time Europeans came in contact with a cockatoo was in 1496 with the altarpiece "Madonna della Vittoria" by Andrea Mantegna. When the four drawings of Frederick II's cockatoo were found, it completely re-wrote trade as we know it.
Originalmente estudiante de pintura y arquitectura en la Academia de Bellas Artes de Brera en Milan, si, por supuesto vinculada a la maravillosa Pinacoteca homonima donde se encuentra esa revolucionaria gran tempera de Andrea Mantegna que mucho abono a la perspectiva en la pintura (Lamentacion sobre Cristo muerto, de 1480, ano en que preciosamente nacio Lucrecia), Dario Fo maduro alli un talento que no solo seria vital en su postrera vocacion teatral sino ademas en su obra como ingenioso ilustrador de muchos de sus propios libros y programas de mano.
Se trata de una serie que incluye cuadros donde pintores como Gonzalo Cienfuegos, Juan Domingo Davila, Pablo Ferrer, Enrique Matthey, Benjamin Lira y Roser Bru utilizaron elementos de obras de Agnolo Bronzino, David Hockney, Jacques-Louis David, Andrea Mantegna y Picasso.
A very rare group of 16th century engravings from The Triumphs of Caesar by Andrea Andreani - after Andrea Mantegna, 1431-1506 - are estimated to fetch between PS12,500 and PS17,500.
I remember when Peter Schjeldahl, writing about Andrea Mantegna at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, called Northern Italian Renaissance painting, "the high noon of western painting." Or something like that.
Sebastian by Andrea Mantegna and the almost contemporary statue of the Dying Slave by Michelangelo, as well as the tension between the erotic and the heroic in the Sophonisba story, the author concludes that Trissino's tragedy "invites a brand of practical contemplation, not unlike the meditative praxis encouraged by painting" (88).
O estudo continua com a descricao do "immaginario cavalleresco" na corte dos Gonzaga, de que sao postas em realce as manifestacoes literarias e pictoricas (parecem-nos preciosas as consideracoes sobre a representacao da corte de Andrea Mantegna).
Fortunato said that by hiding the devil in the clouds, Giotto appears to have beaten by nearly two centuries a technique attributed to Andrea Mantegna, who in one painting shows a knight emerging from a cloud.
Their conviction that Christ can be found even among the very guerrillas that threaten their lives is poignantly brought across when a fatally wounded Islamist is brought to the monastery and the only monk with medical training is forced at gunpoint to tend this guerrilla--portrayed by the director in an unmistakable visual quote from the painting "The Dead Christ" by Andrea Mantegna.